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500th Anniversary of the Sovereign.

Date: March 4, 2024


Elizabeth II Reign.

Proof in Gold FDC. (Royal Mint, 10,535 plus extra coins in sets.)

Features  a new obverse and reverse design to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the first gold sovereign.

The pound coin was introduced in 1489 by special commission of Henry VII. Struck in gold and featuring a design of the King enthroned in majesty, the new coin was to be known as the sovereign.

The sovereign continued to be struck until shortly after the accession of James I in 1603, when it was replaced by other gold coins, and eventually in 1663 by the guinea.

When it was re-introduced in 1817 by George III, the Sovereign was given a new reverse design by the Italian engraver, Bernedetto Pistrucci. The design depicts the slaying of the dragon by St. George. This popular design has become intimately linked with the sovereign, and has in fact appeared on all gold sovereigns from 1887 until 1988.

The 1989 Sovereign designs both of which are modern adaptations of the original sovereign design of 1489.

Obverse: A representation of Queen Elizabeth II Coronation, seated in King Edward's Chair and having received the Sceptre with the Cross and the Rod with the Dove, all within the circumscription ELIZABETh·II·DEI·GRA·REG·FID·DEF', which may be translated as Elizabeth II - by the grace of God, Queen defender of the faith.    R. A Shield of Our Royal Arms endigned by an open Royal Crown, the whole superimposed upon a double Rose, with the circumscription ANNIVERSARY·OF·ThE·GOLD·SOVEREIGn·1489·1989.

Designs: Bernald Sindall.

Catalogue: Spink# SC3, KM# 956. The Gold Sovereign by Michael A. Marsh No. 313H.

Certifiate of Authenticity Number: 05678.

Rarity rating: S (scarce).


Weight: 7.98 grammes, 22.05mm struck in 22 carat gold (0.9167), thickness 1.52mm, edge milled.

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500th Anniversary of the Sovereign.

Special Issue.

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