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Venice 1 Zecchino 1700-1709 EF


The renowned patrician family Mocenigo.

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Italian States - Venetia (Venice).

Ruler: Alvise II Mocenigo, 1700-1709.

1 Zacchino 1700-09. (Venetian Ducat).

Obverse: St. Mark the Evangelist patron saint of Venice,  who is depicted with a beard and halo, standing facing right and wrapped in a large cloak while holding the Gospel with his left hand.  The Doge knelling to his right, wears  a fur-trimmed cloak and the ducal cap, under a banner with a cross on top, besides which in vertical letters "DUX". (Doge (Alvise Mocenigo) is the highest official of the Republic of Venice).


Reverse: Full-length facing figure of Christ in beaded ellipse lined with stars.

Legend: SIT·T·XPE. DAT.Q.TV REGIS·ISTE·DVCA. "Christ, let this duchy that you rule be given to you".

The Design of these coins remained unchanged for over 500 years from 1284 to the fall of the Republic of Venice in 1797.

Mint: Zacca mint of Venice from which the coin gets its name from 1543, originally named Ducat.

Catalogue: Friedberg 1358, KM-FR#1358.

Gold, 0.999, 3.50g, 21mm.

Grade: EF.


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