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US Mollus Medal


United States Mollus Medal.

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Patriotic order membership badge.

Military order of the Loyal Legion of the United States.

"organized April 15, 1865, by officers of the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps of the United States who "had aided in maintaining the honour, integrity, and Supremacy Clause of the national movement" during the American civil war. It was formed by loyal union military officers in response to rumours from Washington of a conspiracy to destroy the Federal government by assassination of its leaders, in the immediate aftermath of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln."

The medal is 14ct gold, and numbered on the reverse of the connecting band.

Number: 14843.

Enamel both sides in Red, White and Blue, without any damage. The Ribbon is original; these ribbons had a red central stripe as issued to original recipient officers of the Union Army & Navy. This example with the Blue central stripe was worn by descendant's of those officers. The Blue stripe was changed in the 20th century; From then on all the medals had the red stripe.

Circa 1865-1900.

Condition, Medal EF, ribbon worn.

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