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Syria, Demetrius II, AR Tetradrachm 129-125 BC


Tyre mint 129 -125 bc.

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Seleucid Kingdom.

King Demetrius II, Second Reign, until his death in 125 BC.

AR Tetradrachm 129-125BC.

Obverse: Diademed and draped bust of Demetrius II to the right, beardless.

Reverse: Eagle standing on the ship's ram, palm branch in the background.

Mint: Tyre in modern day Lebanon.

Silver, 11.90g, 25.5mm maximum.

Grade: VG-aFine,  struck off center, possibly a water find, some porosity and some details unreadable.

Catalogue: Sear 7105.

This coin comes with an old ticket from the Pacific Coin Company Ltd.

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