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Scotland, Alexander III, Penny 1249-86.


Alexander III Reign was prosperous.

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Alexander III Reign, 1249-1286.

Second coinage circa 1280-86.

Long cross coinage.

Obverse: Crowned head (single punch used for crown) and sceptre left, within beaded inner circle, legend and outer beaded border.

Legend: + ALEXANDERE. ER . DEI GRA (Alexander by the Grace of God).

Reverse: Long cross with four stars with inner circle.

Legend: REX SCO TOT VM+ (King of the Scottish).

Catalogue: Spink# 5055.

Silver, 1.19g, 19mm, dark toned, slightly off center, two nicks into the edge of the flan.

This prosperous reign was cut short by Alexander riding his horse over a cliff during darkness at the age of forty-four.

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