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Old Hobart Town Token


William Andrew Jarvey Penny Token.

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William Andrew Jarvey Penny Token 1860's.

Murray Street, Hobart Town, Tasmania, Australia.

Copper token, 34mm, aVF, minted at an unknown British mint.


Mr Jarvey arrived in Tasmania in 1844, he was married to an Irish convict in 1849, at this time he was employed as a Police constable, he later went on to be a Schoolmaster.

In 1854 he established his business in Murray Street as a Pawnbroker and Clothier untill 1862.

Mr Jarvey then became a farmer and after some time a boat captain on the steamer Titania supplying the mining communities in New Zealand.

He and his wife then settled in Dunedin and did not live happy ever after, he poisoned his wife with rat poison and was the first person to be hanged in Dunedin in 1865.



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