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Mexico, Half Real 1773


First issue with inverted FM and Mo mint mark.

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Mexico Spanish Colony.

Charles III Reign, 1760-1788.

Milled Coinage.

Half Real 1773 Mo F.M.

Obverse: Armored bust of Charles III, right.

Legend: CAROLUS•III•DEI•GRATIA (Carlos 3rd by the grace of God)


Reverse: Crown above shield flanked by pillars with banner, normal initials and mint mark.

Legend: •HISPAN•ET IND•R•Mo•F•M• (Of Spain and Indies King, Mexico City FM).

Catalogue: KM# 69.1, type one with inverted F.M. Mo.

Mexico city mint (Mo).

Silver, 0.9030, 0.0491 oz, ASW, 1.6900g (actual worn weight 1.64g), 17.2mm.

Grade: Obv, VG, reverse Fine.


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