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Greek Illyria Apollonia Drachm


Ancient Greek, Silver Drachm, 229 B.C.

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Illyria, Apollonia, Silver Drachm, After 229 B.C. (229-100 B.C.)

Silver, 3.16g, 17.5mm (max).

Grade: Obverse aVF for type, reverse Fine.

Mint: City Apollonia, an important port on the Illrian coast.

Obverse design: Cow with suckling calf, this was a fertility symbol of Euboean origin.

Above the cow is the name of the magistrate.

Reverse: Has a double, symmetrical geometric pattern, which is believed to be a schematic representation of the two stars of the Diosuri.

These Drachm have often been found intermingled with denarii of the Roman Republic, so were likely interchangeable as currency in ancient times.

Apollonia became under the control of the Roman republic in 229 B.C. and later part of the Roman province of Macedonia.

In the civil war between Pompey & Julius Caesar Apollonia supported Julius Caesar.

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