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George III, 1773 Farthing


Scarce Die - Reverse, Branch to Right Leg of A.

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King George III Reign, 1760-1820.

First Issue - Tower Mint London. Copper coinage.

1773 Farthing.

Obverse: Laureate and cuirassed bust of King George III right.

Variety: Scales incomplete above brooch. 

Legend: GEORGIVS· III·REX· (King George the Third).

Reverse: Seated figure of Britannia left, trident in left hand, olive branch in right, shield bearing the Union flag resting on left, legend around, date in exergue.

Variety: Branch to right leg of A.

Legend: BRITAN NIA· 1773.

Catalogue: Spink# 3775, Peck# 911, KM# 602, N# 13152.

Copper, 4.93g, 23mm.

Grade: gEF with some red mint.


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