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George II, 1745 Halfcrown. Regnal year D. NONO.


Prime Minister in 1745 was Sir Robert Walpole, (1676-1745).

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King George II Reign, 1727-60.

1745 Halfcrown with Roses in angles.

Obverse: Older laureate and draped bust of King George II left.

Engraver: John Tanner.

Legend: GEORGIUS·II· DEI·GRATIA· (George the Second by the Grace of God).

Reverse: Crowned cruciform shields with central Garter star, divided date above.

Engraver: Johann Ochs.

Legend: M·B·F·ET H·REX·F·D·B ET·L·D·S·R·I A·T·ET·E·17 45· (King of Great Britain France and Ireland Defender of the Faith Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg, High Treasurer and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire.

Edge: Regnal year : D. NONO.

Catalogue: Spink# 3684.

Silver, 0.925, 34mm, 15.05g.

Grade: Fine-aVF reverse, grey tone. Obverse gauge in the field between OR in George, reverse small gauge to 5 in the date.

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