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Booker T. Washington, Memorial Half Dollar 1946


Commemorative Coinage 1892-1954.


United States of America Commemoratives.

Federal Issues - Silver Half Dollars.

1946-1951Booker T. Washington Memorial.

First issue 1946, catalogue KM# 198 a. (Philadelphia mint).

Obverse: Booker T. Washington bust right.

Reverse: Cabin and NYU's Hall of Fame.

Mintage (Red book), 700,546, actual mintages are higher, but unsold issues were melted to produce the Washington Carver issues.

Graded by NGC MS65.

Code: 2643784-008.

"This commemorative coin was issued to perpetuate the ideals and teachings of Booker T. Washington and to construct memorials to his memory. Issued from all mints, it received wide distribution from the start. The reverse has the legend FROM SLAVE CABIN TO HALL OF FAME. His log-cabin birthplace is shown beneath. This coin was designed bt Isaac Scott Hathaway, as was the Carver/Washington half dollar."

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