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Bank of England, 5 Pounds 2015, Polymer. Sold.


A unique serial number is printed horizontally and vertically on the back of the note.

SKU: 13726 Category:

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Bank of England.

Polymer issue 2015.

Five Pounds, two consecutive numbered notes AK60 342906/7

Obverse: Blue-turquoise. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II at right, Bank of England in centre, transparent window at left. Signature Victoria Cleland.

Reverse: A portrait of Sir Winston Churchill at centre, at left a view of Westminster, home of the UK government, and the Elizabeth Tower (containing Big Ben) from London’s South Bank, looking across Westminster Bridge. Part of motto on the Nobel Prize in literature "Inventas vitam iuvat excoluisse per artes" with meaning "It is beneficial to have improved (human) life through discovered arts" depicts on medal above the building.

Size: 125mm x 65mm.

Catalogue: Pick#394, N# 201624.

These issues printed 2015 were introduced in 2016.

Grades: Uncirculated.

Security features:

Hologram image change

Tilt the note from side to side.  Check the words change between 'Five' and 'Pounds'.

See-through window

Look at the metallic image over the window. Check the foil is gold on the front of the note and silver on the back.

Green foil patch

A circular, green foil patch contains letters spelling, ‘BLENHEIM’. You will find this on the back of the note, directly behind the silver crown on the front of the note.

The Queen's portrait in the see-through window

A portrait of the Queen is printed on the window with '£5 Bank of England’ printed twice around the edge.

Colour-changing border

When you tilt the note, a coloured border around the edge of the see-through window will change from purple to green. The '£' symbol in the window changes from purple to green.

Silver foil patch

A silver foil patch contains a 3D image of the coronation crown. You will find this above the see-through window on the front of the note.

Feel of polymer and raised print

The note is printed on polymer, which is a thin and flexible plastic material.  On the front of the note, you can feel raised print. For example, on the words ‘Bank of England’ and in the bottom right corner, around the number '5'.

Print quality

The printed lines and colours on the note are sharp, clear and free from smudges or blurred edges. If you use a magnifying glass, you will see the value of the note written in small letters and numbers below the Queen's portrait. 

Ultraviolet number

Under a good quality ultra-violet light, the number '5' appears in bright red and green on the front of the note, against a duller background.

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