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1845 Threepence


First Portrait.

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Queen Victoria's Reign, 1837-1901.

Young Head Coinage, 1838-87.

1845 Threepence.

Obverse: Uncrowned 1st portrait of Queen Victoria left, legend around.

Engraver: William Wyon

Legend: VICTORIA D:G:BRITANNIAR:REGINA F:D: (Victoria by the Grace of God Queen of Britain Defender of the Faith.)

Reverse: Crowned denomination divides date within oak wreath.

Engraver: Jean Baptiste Merlen.

Catalogue: Spink# 3914, KM# 730.

Silver, 0.925, 1.41g, silver 0.042 oz. ASW, 16mm, 0.6mm thick.

Grade: Obverse VF,  reverse EF, attractive tone with some colour when held to light on an angle.

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