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1787 Sixpence, with semee of hearts


The House of Hanover.

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King George III Reign, 1760-1820.

Early silver coinages.

1787 Sixpence, with semee of hearts.

Catalogue: Spink# 3749, KM# 606.

Obverse: Laureate and draped bust of King George III right.

Engraver: Lewis Pingo.

Legend: GEORGIVS·III·DEI·GRATIA· (George the Third by the Grace of God).

Reverse: Cruciform shields around central Garter star with crowns in angles. With semée of hearts in the Hanoverian shield.

Reads: M·B·F·E·T·H·REX·F·D·B·ET·L·D·S·R·I·A·T·ET·E 1787. Transates: King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lueneburg, Arch Treasurer and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire.

Silver, 0.925, 0.0895 oz. ASW, 3.og, 21mm.

Grade: Fine, lightly cleaned, digs both sides.



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