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Wurzburg Schilling 1692


German State Wurzberg Schilling 1692.

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German State Wurzberg.

Located in Franconia an area north west of Bavaria.

Established as a Bishopric in 741, with a mint from the 11th century.

The first coins were minted in 1040.In 1802 the area was incorporated into bavaria.

The ruler at the time of this coin was Johann Gottfried II von Guttenberg, 1684-1698.

Bishopric Regular Coinage.

Schilling 1692 (8 Pfennig).

Silver, approx 20mm in diameter.

Obverse: 4-fold arms of Wurzburg and Wertenau, date divided near the bottom.

Reverse: Bishop standing.

VG-Fine, slightly uneven in areas.

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