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South Africa, Two Rand notes 1961


4th Issue and the first rand series.


Republic of South Africa.

South African Reserve Bank.

Two Rand 1961, Governor G. H. de Kock.

During the govertnorship of M.H. de Kock the South African currency system changed from Pound to Rand, the other important change is that the Reserve Bank discontinued printing dates on banknotes. They are therefore all undated from 1961.

Obverse: Blue on multicolour underprint. Portrait of Jan van Riebeeck at left.

Reverse: Lion.

Printer: Jan van Riebeeck.

Size: 150 x 85mm.

Note 1.

First line of bank and value in English, SOUTH AFRICAN - TWO RAND.

Prefix: B50 512869, prefix range, B1 - B102, one million notes produced of both types.

Grade: aUNC.

Catalogue: Pick# 104a.

Note 2. 

First line of bank and value in Afrikaans, SUID -AFRIKAANSE - TWEE RAND.

Prefix: B77 577911, prefix range as above.

Grade: EF, brown stain at top left.

Catalogue: Pick# 105a.



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