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Philip V, Eight Reals 1746, Mexico City. Sold.


Philip V, last year of his reign.

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Spanish Colony - Mexico.

Philip V, 1700-1746.

Eight Reals 1746FM, last year of Reign.

Mexico City mint.

Obverse: Crowned shield flanked by MF - 8.

Legend: PHILIP . V . D . G HISPAN . ET  IND . REX (Felipe 5th by the grace of God King of Spain and the Indies
M F 8 Reales.)

Reverse: Crowned globes flanked by crowned pillars with banner, date below.

Legend: VTRAQUE VNUM 1746 (Both as one. Further beyond.)
Catalogue: KM# 103.

Silver, 0.917, 27.07g, 40mm.

Grade: gVF -aEF. 

Obverse: between V-T in VTRAQUE, there is a die fault. Right side edge has some dents.

Reverse: Looks like adjustment marks to P .V on the left and E on the right side.

Edge is correct.



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