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Maundy Penny 1829. Sold


King George IV.

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King George IV Reign, 1820-30.

Maundy Money.

One Penny 1829.

Obverse: King's laureate bust to the left.

Engraver: Benedetto Pistrucci.

Legend: GEORGIUS IIII D. G. BRITANNIAR REX F.D. (George the fourth by the Grace of God King of Britain Defender of the Faith.)

Reverse: Crowned denomination divides date within oak wreath.

Engraver: Jean Baptiste Merlen.

Mintage: 7,920.

Weight, 0.47g, Silver 0.925, 0.014 oz. ASW, 11mm.

Catalogue: Spink# 3821, KM#683.

Grade: EF, attractive tone under lights, blue and red.

Maundy pennies are always the most requested oddment, it is the smallest coin in the set and is therefore the easiest to lose.

This coin has sold.


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