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Irish Halfpenny Charles II. Sold.


Ireland Halfpenny 1682, Charles second.

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KING CHARLES II, 1645-1685.

Armstong and Legge's regal coinage, 1680-1684.

1682 Halfpenny (S-6575).

Laureate bust right, Reverse Large Crown over harp, with small lettering.

Weight: 7.42g, 27.5 mm.

gFine-aVF, old scratch to head, edge nick.

This coin has sold.

In 1660 Charles II granted a patent to Sir Thomas Armstong for a term of twenty one years for coining farthings and at the same time prohibited the use of all other tokens. The Irish authorities were, however, opposed to the circulation of these farthings in Ireland, though they were considerably heavier than the 'royal' farthings of the previous reign and, as a result comparatively few were issued. In 1680 the City of Dublin issued its own halfpenny, but in the following year Irish regal halfpennies were minted under a new patent granted to Sir Thomas Armstrong and Col. George Legge for a term of twenty one years. These coins were considerably larger and heavier and the coin in this listing is one of these scarce especially in grades above VG.


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