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Indonesia 10,000 Rupiah


World Wildlife Fund.

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Republic of Indonesia.

None circulation commemorative coinage.

Subject: 25th Anniversary of World Wildlife Fund.

10,000 Rupiah 1987.

Obverse: National Coat of Arms.

Legend: Bank of Indonesia.

Reverse: Babirusa (wild pig) with denomination '10,000 Rp'.

Catalogue: KM# 45.

Silver, 0.925, 0.5781 oz. ASW, 19.44g, 36mm.

Quality: Proof.

Mint: British Royal Mint, 25,000.

This coin comes in a capsule with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The Babirusa wild pigs are found in the tropical forests of the Indonesian islands of Sulawesi, Tonga, Sulu and Buru. Their native name means 'pigdeer', given to them because of the enormous curved tusks of the males resemble antlers.

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