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Charles II Crown 1662


First bust with rose below.

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King Charles II, 1660-1685.

The House of Stuart restored.

Milled Coinage, 1662-85.

1662 Crown, (Five shillings), First bust with rose below.

Obverse: Laureate bust of the King to the right.

Legend: CAROLVS II . DEI . GRA. (Charles the Second by thr Grace of God.)

Reverse: Crowned cruciform shields, interlinked C's in angles.

Legend: MAG . BR . FRA . ET . HIB .REX . (King of Great Britain France and Ireland.)

Catalogue: Spink 3350.

Silver 0.925, weight actual, 28.94g (30.1g), 38.6mm, 2mm thick.

Grade: Obverse VG, reverse Fine, toned, several edge dents and minor digs to the field, decent honest wear for this issue.

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