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1946 'Flat Back' Florin, Unc


Good luster, clear fields, detailed coin

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King George VI Reign, 1936-52.

1946 'Flat Back' Florin, there were two varieties of Kiwi florins produced in 1946, the normal 'Rounded back' and the scarcer 'Flat back'.

The die was recut in 1946. 'Flat back'  varieties have numerous differences, not just the back, including the size of the border teeth and possition of the' L' in ZEALAND in relation to the border teeth, also the 'Flat back' coin has five hairs under the birds cheek and not the 4 in the Rounded back variety.

Mintage: 300,000. (Compared with 1,200,000 for the 'Round back' variety).

Obverse: King bust to the left.

Legend: George VI KING EMPEROR

Reverse: Kiwi bird left.

Silver: 0.500, 11.31g, 0.1818 oz. ASW, 28.58mm.

Catalogue: KM 10.2

Graded by PCGS - Genuine Cleaned - UNC Details. The coin has luster, it has not been dipped, there are no signs of harsh cleaning at all, the reverse is sharper than the obverse and it is perhaps here that very light rubbing might be the reason for the grade.

PCGS Verify code: 44116975.

The catalogue value for this coin, which is very scarce in high grade is NZ$1500.00

(Premier Catalogue 2022).

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