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1709 Shilling, Queen Anne. Sold


Third bust with plain angles.

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Queen Anne's Reign, 1702-14.

The House of Stuart Restored.

Post Union with Scotland, 1707-14.

1709 Shilling, third bust with plain angles.

Catalogue: Spink# 3610, KM# 523.1.

Obverse: Draped bust to the left.

Engraver: John Croker.

Legend: ANNA . DEI . GRATIA . 

Reverse: Crowned crudiform shields, six strings to Irish harp, garter star at center.

Engraver: Johann Ochs.

Legend: . MAG BRI . FR ET . HIB REG . 1709

Silver, 0.925, 5.91g actual, (6.02), 26mm.

Grade: aVF-VF, light grey tone, weak text in the obverse second quarter and the reverse third quarter.

This coin has sold.

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