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1707E Halfcrown gVF


Well struck example.


Queen Anne, 1702-14.

Post Union with Scotland, 1707-14.

1707E Halfcrown, SEXTO.

Obverse: Draoed and bust of the Queen to the left. (Anne by the Grace of God.)

Engraver: John Croker.

Legend: ANNE . DEI . GRATIA. E

Reverse: Crowned cruciform shields, harp with severn strings.

Engraver: Johann Ochs.

Legend: MAG BRI . FRA ET . HIB REG .1707 . (Queen of Great Britain France and Ireland.)

Edge: DECVS ET TVTAMEN ANNO REGNI SEXTO, (Regal year in Latin, an ornament and a safeguard Sixth year of reign.)

Catalogue: Spink# 3605, KM# 525.2.

Silver, 0.925, 15.05g, 34mm.

Grade: gVF, attractive tone, small dent to the rear neck, edge dent above 'H' in HIB.

Well struck for issue.

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