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Anne Fourpence 1710

Queen Anne Fourpence 1710.



QUEEN ANNE, 1702-1714.

Maundy Fourpence 1710, (S-3595C, KM515).

Second drawn bust left, with re-engraved hair.

Obverse:  ANNA·DEI· GRATIA· (Anne by the Grace of God).

Reverse: MAG·BRI·FR·ET·HIB·REG·1710. (Queen of Great Britain France and Ireland).

Silver; 0.9250, weight, 2.000g, 19mm diameter.

Grade, EF, the coin has the often seen on 'Anne' silver coinage, black streaky flecks in the metal, often referred to as "haymarks", believed to be caused by the alloyed silver containing tin, which came from the Midlands & Welsh silver mines.