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Anglo-Gallic Niquet 1421

Anglo Gallic Niquet 1421.




King Henry V, 1413-1422.

French regal coinage.

Niquet 1421 AD, (S-8162).

Billon Niquet ou leopard.

Obverse: Lis above crowned lion passant.

Reverse: Cross pattee, quartered with frefoils from the center, all within a beaded circle.

Stuck during  'Hundred Years War' by Henry V of England in Rouen, which surrendered to Henry in 1419.

Silver, low grade (Billon), Known as 'Black Money', 2.11g, 22mm.

Niquet was current for 2 deniers tournois, at the time of production was practically the only coin in circulation.

Grade: gVF for type, usually found well worn.