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Charles I, Shilling 1641-3 Thames Hoard

Charles I, Shilling from the River Themes.



KING CHARLES I, 1625 - 1649.

Shilling 1641 - 1643.

Group F, sixth large 'Briots' bust, type 4.4, with stellate lace collar, double-arched crown.

Reverse: Square-topped shield over cross moline.

Mint mark: Triangle in circle.

Silver, 5.53g, 30.5mm (max).

Mint: Tower, under the King (1625-42).

Grade: Dark toned as a result of being in mud for over 300 years, heavely clipped with Fine details.

This coin was discovered in 1995 as part of a treasure lost in the bed of the Thames River in London some 335 years earlier.

The find known as the Thames River Find, consisted of 1,582 coins spanning the reigns of Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I and rule by the Commonwealth Parliament. Some of the coins discovered were types not previously known to exist.

This coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.