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 Kakapo Silver Proof Five Dollar 2009.

Kakapo coin

kakapo reverse

The world's rarest parrot is known as the night parrot by the Maori.

The Kakapo is a flightless nocturnal bird found in the South island.

There are approximately 100 birds in total.

This coin is available for $125.00!



Kingfisher Two Dollar

BUY NOW $19.50

New Zealand Sacred Kingfisher Two Dollars 1993.

Never released for general circulation, only 40,000 minted.

Uncirculated coins available at 35% Discount, Hot buy!


New Zealand Silver Proof Five Dollars 2014.

Extinct species series, Kairuku the Giant Penguin.

Stunning large pure silver coin.

Only 1,500 minted. Hot price $125.00NZ!


Reichsbanknote 1923

Reichsbankmark 1923.

$10.00 (ex GST)


German 100,000 Marks 1923.